THOT Tools
Program or Package

One of the main goals of THOT is to develop computational user-friendly tools for the most precise stellar dating, and stellar mass and radius determination possible. We´ll call these the THOT Tools.

We´ll offer two different structures per tool, with versions compatible with IOs, Windows, and Linux.

Program online/download

A user-friendly version of the tool with a browser front-end.
If downloaded, it will have a exe or bat file, so no installation needed on our computer.
The download will be heavy.

Python or R package

Version of the tool in the form of R package, being able to launch from Python.
It will need to be installed following the Python and R standard instructions.
The download file is light.

Questions about installing? Issues? Bugs? Requests?

Any question/issue will be solved in the proper “Forum/Support” section, please refer to that.