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This is  the website for the Scientific Project “Comprehensive code for stellar dating and analysis of exoplanetay systems observed by direct imaging”, alias THOT Project.  The main Goal is to get a precise Stellar dating.

About THOT Project

THOT is an European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action. Dr. Andrés Moya Bedón leads the project at the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Prof. William J. Chaplin. THOT is framed in the field of stellar dating and will develop a program to score the most precise stellar ages possible using the best knowing techniques, and considering the intro data uncertainties.

Last Published Results & News

Precise age determination of binary stars with a white dwarf component

Our first news is related with the work done by Fouesneau, M., et al., and submitted recently to the AstroPhysical Journal. They propose a precise age determination method in the case of binary stars were one of the two components is a White Dwarf. Stellar dating in...

Empirical relations for the estimation of stellar masses and radii (accepted in ApJS)

Authors: A. Moya1, F. Zuccarino2, William Chaplin1, Guy R. Davies1 Empirical relations interconnecting different stellar characteristics are well known since early 1900, as the well-known Mass-Luminosity relation or the HR-Diagram. Almost every time a technique or...

The new Gaia Data Release 2 (DR2) is here

The accurate determination of the distances separating the different stars from us is one of the most challenging observing data in astronomy. This is the main goal of the European space mission Gaia: the determination of accurate distances of almost all the stars...

Dr. A. Moya Bedón


He is a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Birmingham from October-2017. He is the leader of the asteroseismic studies in the context of the first ESA S-Mission, CHEOPS, and he is a member of the scientific consortia of the space missions Plato (ESA) and Kepler (NASA). He is an active and passionate communicator, with a large record of outreach talks and papers.

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